Health Companion Direct Messaging


What is Health Companion?

Health Companion is a personal health record and communication platform for healthcare consumers.
You may use Health Companion to:
  • Communicate with providers
  • Get health records and test results
  • Track wellness and preventive measures
  • Manage health costs – track expenses, copay, coinsurance, etc.
  • Access health resources – increase my health literacy
  • Keep accurate health records for the entire family

Enroll in Health Companion ® for free

Communicate securely with over 1 million healthcare providers and get and share records nationwide with a personalized Health Companion® Direct address. It works like email, but is more secure and private. Use our free service with Direct Messaging Express for as long as you want, to receive health records and messages.

Upgrading to bidirectional messaging with Direct Messaging Premium is

only $25/year

(For personal use only. Providers please contact us for a quote.)

Download your application form here


What is Direct messaging?

Direct messaging works like email. However, unlike regular e-mail, Direct messaging meets stringent security and privacy standards for sending sensitive health information and is approved by federal regulators for this use. Widespread implementation of Direct began in earnest in 2015. Today, Direct is used by thousands of healthcare organizations and over 1 million individual providers.

Why do I need a Direct address?

As a healthcare consumer or patient (or caregiver), a Direct address is a powerful tool to help you manage your health information and communicate with your doctors. You may have access to patient portals given to you by your healthcare provider, but these portals present a few problems:

  1. they can deliver only a sliver of your health records;
  2. they each require a separate username and password;
  3. they aren’t controlled by you (your doctor owns the record);
  4. if you change doctors, your record won’t go with you

Health Companion® allows you to merge records from all of your providers into a single platform that is completely under your control.