Who We Are

We are Health Companion, Inc. We have developed a consumer communication and collaboration platform for healthcare. The platform allows providers to securely collaborate to lower healthcare costs, increase consumer/patient satisfaction, and promote population wellness. Over the past few years, a group of physicians and engineers have worked together to develop a secure, scalable and intelligent cloud platform. Health Companion is the result of our joint efforts. The platform is currently used by many healthcare organizations. Using Health Companion, patients get mobile access to their health records, evidence-based preventive care to-do-lists, upcoming appointments, secure messaging and secure chats, to name a few.

Who We Serve

We serve Health Systems, Medical Groups, and Specialty Practices (Radiology, Cardiology, etc.) and their patients.

For Healthcare Providers

Mounting financial pressures and rapid changes in clinical practices are transforming the way we approach healthcare and manage patient outcomes. Health Companion is part of a new class of information systems necessary to complete the transition from fee-for-service to fee-for-value model. As healthcare transforms to value-based model, patient communication and relationship management are becoming more critical to successful healthcare delivery. Healthcare is moving from episodic to 'life-based care'. With predictive and cognitive technologies advancing, reaching patients outside of care settings is extremely important.

For healthcare providers looking to automate their engagement practices, reduce the strain on clinical staff, and gain an overall competitive advantage, we have a customizable solution for you. Our platform can incorporate centralized care plans and educational resources, notifications and reminders, self-service capabilities, and monitor outcomes across a variety of communication channels.

  • ONC certified modular EMR
  • Compatible user interface with multiple devices
  • Secure – HIPAA compliant
  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile (Smart Phones, Tablets)
  • Standards-based

For healthcare consumers and patients

As increasing responsibility is placed on the consumers to take an active role in their own healthcare, patients often lack necessary information and tools to measure, analyze, and improve their outcomes. Comprehensive data about their healthcare is not available to them.

Health Companion is an essential software tool for healthcare consumers (patients). Patients often struggle to consolidate their healthcare information often spread across multiple physicians and provider organizations. Lately, patients are inundated with patient portals. Multiple portals even from the same healthcare network. Each portal supplies you with your health information from that provider which is only a part of the big picture. Consumers lack a central repository for all their health related information. The goal of Health Companion is to unlock the data from the healthcare enterprises and bring it closer to the patient and move large amounts of patient supplied data, including data from IOT devices back to the enterprise. Health Companion is a data aggregation tool that helps consumers to take charge of their entire family’s health records. Health Companion is a lifelong storage of your health information available on the cloud 24x7 and also can be downloaded to the Health Companion app on your IOS or Android devices. HC also supports digitized paper records storage as part of patient record. Using our preventive care and wellness tools, Health Companion process clinical data it receives for each consumer, analyze and provide personalized preventive information and reminders. It is a tool designed to empower and inspire patients toward greater health.

  • ONC certified EMR designed for the patients as their Personal Health Record
  • Personalized preventive health information and reminders
  • Compatible user interface with multiple devices
  • Secure – HIPAA compliant
  • Cloud-based – available 24x7
  • Mobile (Smart Phones, Tablets)

What We Do

In the past, US health care system often has seemed indifferent to patients' desires and needs. To effectively combat this image, requires a patient-centric approach to patient engagement. Today’s patient communication can be very complex. Overall, consumer satisfaction becomes a primary concern to providers as care options increase, and patient leakage follows. However, a superior engagement model can positively drive the consumer experience in a competitive market.

Our Solution:

  • Can improve the overall quality of care and gain competitive advantage
  • Gains productivity increases by automating administrative work
  • Encourages compliance and engagement using self-service capabilities
  • Tracks patient activation, care plan compliance, reported outcomes, and more
  • Automates consumer engagement through a multi-channel approach
  • Develops a unified approach for communication with the patients during pre-episodes, post episodes and in-between
  • Can significantly help providers to make the patients more satisfied and transform them to a dependable ally in their own care

A Single Enterprise Engagement Platform

For large integrated healthcare delivery networks, HC provides an “EMR neutral” enterprise patient portal, enabling the organization with many electronic health record systems to communicate with patients using a unified, organizationally-branded platform.

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