Appointment Messaging And Confirmation

  • Appointment Notification - Sending out the welcome notification when the appointment is created
  • Appointment Confirmation – Sending out the notification for confirm/cancel appointment and processing patient response
  • Appointment Reminders – Sending out the reminder notifications
  • Cancellation Notices – Sending out the appointment cancellation notices
  • Reschedule Notices - Sending out the appointment reschedule notices
  • Patient self-schedule management and payment

Waitlist & No-Show Management

  • Creating waitlist – HC will implement strategies to create an ongoing waitlist of patients who can be summoned in case of cancellations and no-shows
  • Cancellation fill-up – HC will track cancelled, rescheduled, deleted or discontinued appointments and enable a campaign to fill those slots
  • Reappointment message – Message to reschedule appointment
  • Reschedule request – Process a reschedule request and notify the scheduling system
  • Track patients who are accumulating no-shows

Online Check-In, Kiosks & Just-In-Time Arrival Management

  • Online pre-visit data collection
  • Electronic Forms with signatures
  • Just-in-time Appointment Arrival Management
  • Keep the patients updated on how the appointments are progressing so they can run errands or wait wherever they're most comfortable — they'll be happier and more loyal
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Payment collection

Delivery of Prep Instructions

Health Companion electronically delivers patient prep instructions for upcoming exams and procedures. The platform allows the configuration of instructions by modalities, procedures, diagnoses etc. This focused delivery of instructions relevant to the specific patient visit or appointment will increase patient engagement, education and satisfaction.

Educational Documents and Videos

Patient engagement and activation have been proven very effective means of improving healthcare. When patients are engaged, they become more actively involved in their own healthcare, leading to lower costs and better outcomes. Our platform gives patients a highly engaging experience. Map your messages based on the patient population for your digital media campaigns. When patients login to the portal, they gain access to specific program relevant to their conditions. They can watch a video, or complete an interactive learning session using the device of their choice. Deliver your materials on to a single platform where your patients conduct all their communications. We track patient interaction with the materials and report meaningful statistics back to the providers.

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