Care Transition And VDT

Care Transition and VDT (View, Download, Transmit to third party) is a NIST 2015 Stage 3 certified measure where the provider is required to deliver summary of a patient visit in electronic format within 24 hours of discharge. In addition to VDT, we are certified as a 2015 Stage 3 modular EMR to support many other patient engagement measures.

Delivery Of Results And Reports

Delivery of results and reports are increasingly recognized as minimum necessary capabilities of effective high-performing providers. You don’t need to depend on multiple solutions for your patient engagement. Health Companion can provide all your patient relationship and engagement services as part of an integrated delivery platform.

  • Report delivery - Electronic delivery of discharge summary, surgery report, imaging report etc.
  • Lab results delivery – Electronic delivery of lab results

Prevention And Wellness

Health Companion has developed a set of algorithms to implement evidence-based screening and preventive measures for your patient population. We provide a description of each of these procedures in lay terms for patients as well as healthcare personnel with supported relevant references.

Providers use this information to generate, filter, and manage a list of to-do items to increase scheduling and compliance of their patient population. Using these algorithms, we track re-care appointments such as mammogram, osteoporosis screening, vaccinations etc. They can also view and manage compliance analytics for population quality reporting purposes.

Reading Physicians (Radiologists, Cardiologists and others who read medical images), while reading an exam, can view the list of screening and preventive measures for the patient and include recommendations in reports.

Primary care and other non-reading specialists can work the list of screening and preventive measures to increase compliance with recommended follow-up exams for their patients.

Telehealth / Video Consult

Telehealth solutions can cover a broad range of health services saving time and enhancing convenience for both patients and providers. Our tools can increase the quality of patient care and systematically raise the level of patient engagement.

With virtual consultations now reimbursable at comparable rates to in-office visits, your practice can support greater patient engagement and satisfaction without losing revenue. Health Companion is your solution to peace of mind and a thriving practice through secure, HIPAA Compliant telehealth visits.

Telehealth visit with your patients for preventative care, patient education, treatment, and patient monitoring services.

  • Patient Self-scheduling - Health Companion platform provides an easy way for your patients to schedule virtual visits
  • Secure Chat – a secure chat platform for security and clarity
  • Payment collection
  • Physician notes and visit summaries to the patient
  • Build your brand and patient loyalty using Health Companion

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ONC CERTIFIED HIT is a registered trademark of HHS.

Disclaimer:  This Health IT Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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